Staff and Board

Our leadership and board are already composed eighty per cent by people with a spinal cord injury or a disability that forces them to be on a wheel chair. We are constantly learning and training to better do our jobs in collaboration with our advisory board and other allies.

The board is elected by the membership in a general assembly to serve for a period of three years. Our general assembly holds elections once a year. The board meets weekly to work on our different programs but our official board meetings are every six months. We have bi-weekly membership meetings where we inform our members about our activities, consult on decisions, distribute medical supplies and report on finances. We also have ad-hoc committees to work on events, special projects and campaigns. We also have an advisory board of people that we trust and have a lot of experience working for social justice; they give us orientation in our campaign and leadership development work.

Our board and membership design our agenda. We discuss the issues affecting our lives, either from a quality of life/health perspective. (for instance, access to services, supplies, care, isolation) or from a human rights perspective: our rights as persons with a disability, our rights as migrants, as persons of color, as workers and as poor people. From these discussions we identify the issues that affect us the most and engage in actions to address them. Members and their families, as well as volunteers and allies participate in our events, projects and campaigns as part of a process to build our membership, develop leadership and win institutional changes that improve our access to services or advance our rights to participate in society.